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sound designer 

and mix engineer

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I’m a sound designer, mix engineer and artist. My work explores how sound is used to create social and polical meaning. I’m fascinated by the interaction between sound and storytelling; how sound can build immersive worlds and create space for reflection and critical thinking.

I’ve sound designed and mix engineered podcast series for Audible, Wondery and the TED Audio Collective. I’ve also worked as a producer, co-creating and executive producing Bad Taste for SBS, and producing documentaries for the BBC, ABC RN, NPR, CBC and KCRW. 

My passion for working with sound, listening and creating community led me to create the sound art collective Constellations, which curates a podcast, live events and community listening. 

You can read more about me on my about page.

Recent work:
Sound Cinema is a space for communal listening and critical conversations around contemporary audio.
Black girls and women disappear every day, but not without a trace. Follow along with this neo-noir, true crime drama as we search for Tamika Huston, a 24-year-old Black woman from Spartanburg, SC who went missing in 2004.
Sound designer.
Everybody eats, but who gets to define what good food is? Join food writer Jess Ho on a journey through their pantry to dissect how Australian palates came to be. 
Co-creator and executive producer.
When 90-year-old Laurence Pilgeram drops dead on the sidewalk outside his condo, you might think that’s the end of his story. But, really, it’s just the beginning. Because Laurence and others like him have signed up to be frozen and brought back to life in the future. And that belief will pull multiple generations of the Pilgeram family into a cryonics soap opera.
Sound designer and mix engineer.
When Emily Gellis hears rumors of people suffering horrible side effects from a trendy diet she springs into action. Armed with over a hundred thousand Instagram followers, Emily launches a social media crusade to expose F-Factor and its founder. It’s the start of a feud that will attract trolls, lawyers, and, eventually, national media all because of fiber.
Sound designer and mix engineer.
We all want to know if we’re normal—do I have enough friends? Should it take me this long to get over my ex? Should I move or stay where I am? Endlessly curious data journalist Mona Chalabi NEEDS to know, and she’s ready to dive into the numbers to get some answers. 
The answers might surprise you, and make you ask: does normal even exist?
Sound designer and mix engineer.
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