Michelle Macklem

audio producer, artist and engineer

I’m a freelance sound designer and mix engineer. I sound design and mix my own freelance audio documentary and art projects, but I also sound design and mix for clients.

I’m currently sound designing and mixing for Transmitter Media on a forthcoming TED Audio Collective podcast.

My sound design excerpts featured in the reel:

  • “Swimming with Tilapia” an excerpt from Catch of the Day, on CBC’s The Fridge Light. Tilapia are a game-changer in sustainable fish farming, in this excerpt scientists and industry experts describe the incredible history and life of the species.

  • “Emu in the Sky” featuring Kamilaroi astronomer Krystal De Napoli, on BBC Radio 4’s Short CutsKamilaroi astronomer Krystal De Napoli takes us out under the night sky revealing how, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the sky is just as significant to culture as the land.

  • “A not-so tasty history” an excerpt from The Restaurant: A Table Divided on CBC Radio’s IdeasUsing extensive data from restaurant review websites like zamato and trip advisor, NYU food studies chair Krishnendu Ray has studied the demographics of the world’s top 100 restaurants over a 30 years period. In his game changing research, Krishnendu shows that eating another culture’s food doesn’t equate with acceptance.

  • “The sounds of advertising”, an excerpt from Sonic Sculptor: Suzanne Ciani on KCRW’s Lost NotesComposer and synth wizard, Suzanne describes the heyday of her advertising career, sound designing for some of the world’s biggest brands.