Michelle Macklem

sound designer, mix engineer and artist

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7am is Australia’s top daily podcast.
I was an audio producer with 7am from May 2019 to Sept 2021.

About the show: 

7am is a daily news podcast from the publisher of The Monthly and The Saturday Paper. It tells the news through in-depth interviews and sharp analysis.

Hosted by award-winning investigative journalist and documentary host Ruby Jones, 7am is a smart, strong, character-driven account of the big story of the day: the background, who’s involved, and why it matters. This is news with narrative, every weekday.

Select episodes I’ve pitched and produced:

These episodes were made in collaboration with the 7am team: Osman Faruqi, Ruby Jones, Ruby Schwartz, Elle Marsh, Atticus Bastow, Anu Hasbold and Beth Atkinson-Quinton.

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The Fridge Light is a Webby award-winning podcast from CBC about the foods we eat.
I was the supervising producer for season 1 in 2017 before moving to Australia in 2018.

About the show:

Join top food writer Chris Nuttall-Smith for an obsessive, fascinating journey through the hidden stories of the things we eat. Each episode chows down on one food phenomenon, revealing the unexpected cultural ingredients.

Part science, part business, part psychology — always fresh and delicious.

Top Episodes:
These episodes were produced in collaboration with our team: Chris Nuttall-Smith, Zoe Tennant, Lisa Godfrey, Veronica Simmonds, Alison Broverman and Paolo Pietropaolo.

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Sleepover is a critically acclaimed podcast from CBC that follows an unusual social encounter. Three complete strangers meet for 24 hours to work through each other's challenges. It’s hosted by Sook-Yin Lee and the supervising producer is Veronica Simmonds.

I was an associate producer for season 2 in 2017, and a producer for season 3 in 2018.

About the show:

Sleepover takes us inside an unusual social encounter, where three complete strangers agree to meet in different places—from a highrise condo to an island yurt—for an evening, night, and morning together.

In each episode, with Sook-Yin's guidance, one stranger takes the spotlight and presents a problem from their life. The other two offer advice and bring up related experiences from their own unique perspectives.

Top Episodes:
These episodes were produced in collaboration with our team: Sook-Yin Lee, Veronica Simmonds, TK Matunda, Alanna Stuart and Craig Desson.